What if.... i never met you?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 1 17hours 23minutes

Met my friend in town . did some shopping . persuaded her to have a pub lunch and it was brilliant. We talked a bit about the "guy who was confused". anyway not going to even elaborate on what he said about me. It seems as if he is living in the past, still have feelings for an ex gf who cheated on him. And I can't go out with a guy who dwells in the past.

Went to boots and told my friend about the wonders of skin doctor products. i bought this product 3 weeks ago and it worked out well on my skin. it is meant to give an even appearance for my skin. Then we went to debenhams.. there is a new pure poison (c. dior) .. i am a big fan of pure poison but from my point of view , the smell is the same , maybe more intense.. might get it in a few weeks time.. yippee!!.. kind of bought anais anais for the fucking date yesterday which didn't workout.

went back to boots again and bought a lip booster for £20.. it is from the skin doctors range and its meant to be good for the lips... guys come and feel and kiss my beautiful lips!! muah.

i think this trip to town was good because i was not down and thinking about the whole rejection thing. As far as i'm concerned , i'm not bothered if he doesn't want this relationship.. it wouldn't have worked out anyway.

day 1 10 hr 14 mins

hate this world so much. will i remain a spinister for the rest of my life?. I feel miserable and tired.I kept thinking about yesterday. I was looking forward to the date. bought jewelerry , new perfume and etc.. then he has the cheek to call it off.. men keep doing this to me and i'm fed up!!. totally fed up of playing games.

Day 1 8hr 58mins

1 day 8hrs 58mins without a boyfriend

today i'm off to town . I made a promise to look my best when i'm outside in the mad world.. lets see how many men will notice me today. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Day 1

1 day without a boyfriend
This is my life , busy hunting for mr right. Today i created history by creating a blog in memory of my boring lovelife. I have been rejected by my friends boyfriends sister's ex boyfriend. It seems he needs more time to think. It took him 4 days to realise that the relationship will not work. Ah well i want him to be HIStory. Chapter closed.

I'm going out to town tomorrow. I have decided to follow some resolutions:-
1) don't hunt em' ..let them find you
2) treat yourself...look good..have to do my eyebrows
3) men are not worth hassling for!
4) Never ever tell everyone about your new men.. wait for 2 weeks to test whether the relationship will work
5) Flirt 24/7